About Us


I’m Lerma Gray.

I started the devCount.com blog as a go-to blog for all guidance and resources that you need to launch a successful career in tech. Here I share with you my experiences and best tools for learning to code as well as for acquiring other in-demand digital skills that will put you ahead of your competition in the job market.

If you’re scared of losing your job to automation and artificial intelligence, then there is no better time to invest in learning and picking up in-demand skills in tech than today. This can range from web development, mobile app development, data science and cybersecurity.

While some of the content here is for informational purposes, some compose reviews of some of the best tools for succeeding as a software developer. And for these, I might make a small commission if you make a purchase through my links… at no additional cost to you. Read my affiliate disclaimer.

Here is the amazing team that helps me put this together.

Lerma Gray

Founder & Editor. Follow me on Twitter @devcount

Max Nicholson

Data analyst with a passion for writing, SEO and analytics.

Lucas Richards

Self-taught software developer with an eye for design.