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The blog attracts software engineers and technology enthusiasts who’d like to learn more about the trends in the tech industry, the best tools for effective software development, as well as cyber security best practices.

If your brand operates in or targets similar readers then let’s work together in a manner that’s primarily beneficial to my readers, and then to your brand or product.

Currently, my sidebar banner ads slots are fully booked.

However, I am open to publishing sponsored content that blends in with the content theme of Your article should be at least 1,500+ words long, include images, written by a domain expert, and aimed at teaching or educating my readers on various topics.

The main content categories here include:

  • Web, mobile, and game development
  • Data science, AI, and machine learning
  • Cyber security and internet privacy
  • Business, marketing, and leadership

If you have an amazing article that you’d like to publish on as a sponsored article, please reach out to me through the contact form below.

This blog receives on average 25k page views per month, and 90% of that traffic is from Google organic search.

Our sponsored content rates are as follows:

  • $50 for non promotional content
  • $100 for promotional, relevant content
  • $250 when I write the article for you

Reach out to me through the form below and let’s get started.

In your sponsored article, you can include 1-2 dofollow backlinks to your website. You’ll submit your finished article through Google Docs. Once submitted, I’ll review and publish your piece, if it is good, within 24-48 hours.

In your message, state three things:

  • the nature of the article you’d like to publish (informational or promotional)
  • the website you’ll be linking to (the home page or internal pages)
  • three article headline ideas so I choose the best one
Tell me about your amazing sponsored content idea.

Note that I run all content through multiple plagiarism checkers to establish if they are really genuine, unique content. So don’t submit plagiarized content and expect it to be published.


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