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25+ Best Automation Testing Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

How do you improve your software QA process?

As a software developer, an important part of your job is finding bugs and performance issues for your web apps, as you try to learn UX design testing techniques to ensure any software glitches don’t pass through your quality assurance process undetected.  

This can be a lot of work if you’d know how to choose the best automation frameworks and tools, in line with your programming background. 

So to master optimal web app testing with the right frameworks, you’ll need to take the best automation testing courses online. 

From advanced  JavaScript and Python automation testing with Selenium web driver to codeless testing solutions such as Katalon Studio, these courses are certain to improve your software testing methodology regardless of your programming expertise. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best automation testing courses & certifications online in 2022 to make your QA more hands-free yet effective. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview [Udemy] 
2. Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks [Udemy] 
3. Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x – Novice To Ninja [Udemy]
4. SDET/Test Architect Essentials -Road to Full-stack QA [Udemy] 
5. Automation Architect – Selenium WebDriver – 9 Live Projects [Udemy] 
6. Automation Testing using Selenium & Katalon Studio [Udemy] 
7. Mobile Automation: Appium Cucumber for Android&iOS + Jenkins [Udemy] 
8. SDET Training: Selenium WebDriver, Java Project & Code Tests [Udemy] 
9. WebdriverIO – Selenium Webdriver using Node.js & More! [Udemy] 
10. REST API Automation: REST Assured, Serenity BDD Framework [Udemy] 
11. Automated Software Testing with TestCafe [Udemy] 
12. Advanced Automation Testing with Quick Test Pro (QTP) or UFT [Udemy] 
13. The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Course [Udemy] 
14. Test Automation with Katalon Studio (Selenium WebDriver) [Udemy] 
15. Automation Testing Masterclass – Selenium, Cucumber, and More [Udemy] 

Are you an experienced Java developer? 

The course I recommend for you if that’s the case is the 1. Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview on Udemy by Let’s Kode It. After taking this course, you’ll be able to use advanced report tools to create detailed reports, as well as use Jenkins to perform continuous integration testing. Moreover, it’s one of the best courses to learn common Selenium automation interview questions. 

Conversely, go for the 2. Selenium Webdriver with PYTHON from Scratch + Frameworks on Udemy by Rahul Shetty for Python automation testing. You’ll master Selenium Python API methods, making it one of the best automation testing and certification testing courses to master PyTest for integration and unit testing. 

For more on continuous integration testing with Jenkins, take a look at my review of the best Jenkins courses online to learn how you can accelerate your software delivery and time-to-market. 

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