Best Artificial Intelligence Courses on Udemy

15 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses on Udemy in 2021

A typical search for AI Udemy courses goes something like this…

You type the words best artificial intelligence course on Udemy, check out the results on the first page of Google. Often, you discover they are simply listicles with rehashed course descriptions, but no additional unique insights or personal takes.

So you click back in disgust, disappointment written all over your face, because what you were looking for is an honest review from someone who actually took the courses.

I understand your frustration. I wanted to pick up a few skills in AI, so I combed through a couple of Udemy AI courses to find out which ones are best suited for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced learners.

In this article, I’m going to outline the best artificial intelligence courses on Udemy in 2021 to take if you don’t have all the time and resources to try all the courses on this platform.

So let’s get started.

1. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI
2. Artificial Intelligence in Web Design Certification (Special Edition)
3. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Gold Edition
4. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python 
5. Modern Artificial Intelligence Masterclass: Build 6 Projects
6. Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs
7. Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2021 Edition)
8. The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity.
9. Artificial Intelligence for Business
10. Artificial Intelligence Masterclass
11. Artificial Intelligence 2021: Build the Most Powerful AI
12. Machine Learning Practical Workout | 8 Real-World Projects
13. Artificial Intelligence I: Meta-Heuristics and Games in Java
14. Artificial Intelligence II – Neural Networks in Java
15. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business

1. Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI

Would you love to know how to craft an AI model?

This Udemy artificial intelligence course is great for building an AI model from scratch, which will add to your portfolio and increase your employability skills at tech-hungry companies such as Tesla and Google.

Here are some course highlights:

  • An exciting approach to AI learning, without getting bogged down by complex math and jargon.
  • Using proven tools such as OpenAI Gym, endorsed by Elon Musk, to create learning algorithms.
  • Practical hands-on approach, which will feature three real-life applications, including building your very own self-driving vehicle.

You’ll also get to keep your Python code templates for AI models you’ve developed. However, this AI course will require some basic background in Python and programming at large, the lack of which could set you back a little bit. For developers armed with the basics, it offers an excellent launchpad to achieve more. 

2. Artificial Intelligence in Web Design (Special Edition)

This course on AI-powered web design will enable you to develop websites for your clients at lightning speeds, in addition to the following perks:

  • A beginner-friendly course that requires absolutely no prior coding knowledge.
  • Learn how to create self-updating websites to ease the burden of manual content updates and website maintenance in general.
  • You’ll get to learn how to create chatbots without coding to improve the conversion rates of the websites you develop.
  • A deep dive into the latest editing and prototyping web development trends and tools to enable you to create a website in minutes.

For the code-savvy developer looking to bolster coding expertise, this Udemy AI course may not be the right fit. However, if you’re more concerned about the end results of web development, rather than the coding mountains in between, this program is a match made in heaven. 

3. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing – Gold Edition

How can artificial intelligence make you a better digital marketer?

AI-powered digital marketing can help you leverage technological opportunities to blow up your digital marketing strategies and create an incredible sales funnel. You’ll get to:

  • Uncover the secrets to starting a SaaS company with negligible capital.
  • Gain a deeper insight into powerful SEO strategies by learning how to create your own search engine.
  • Master how to create a humanoid for better customer engagement.
  • Learn about AI-generated video and written content to minimize your content responsibilities as a digital marketer.

The AI & ML Udemy course taps into AI-powered cloud-based tools to enable the above possibilities, some of which require paid purchases to access. On the plus side, you’ll gain complete experience and access to these tools, the bulk of which you’ll be using quite often in your digital marketing career. 

4. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python 

This Udemy artificial intelligence with python course teaches reinforcement learning in Python, taking a simulation first approach to prevent physical damages before delving into real-world scenarios.

Here are some more highlights of the course:

  • A strong methodological approach to learning that cements reinforcement learning theory with practical exercises.
  • It covers a huge variety of reinforcement learning algorithms, which total to about 17, providing an excellent depth of coverage across multiple scenarios.
  • The instructor has a way with words, and I find his examples, particularly the ones about Bellman, very effective in reinforcing the concept.

The programming exercises do require quite a lot more effort than I initially thought going by the lesson plan, but in the end, they are worth the work that goes into it and you soon get the hang of it. 

5. Modern Artificial Intelligence Masterclass: Build 6 Projects

Are you frustrated by outdated top AI courses? 

Then, you should try out this artificial intelligence masterclass for an exploration of digital transformation trends like emotional and explainable AI.

The course also entails:

  • Using ResUnet and ResNets to create models with impressive healthcare applications like detecting tumors in the brain. 
  • DeepDream guidance for training algorithms for automated art generation, thereby easing iterative processes for creatives. 
  • Using Google’s Colab to train artificial neural networks that make possible inventions like autonomous drones, among other technologies you’ll be working with throughout your career.  

Notably, the instructor tends to go overboard and explain complex topics beyond the content structure which can be overwhelming for novices. However, the knowledge is great to have and forms a great reference to come back to once you’ve gotten a better grasp of the principles. 

6. Deep Learning and Computer Vision A-Z™: OpenCV, SSD & GANs

Are you ready to learn computer vision in a powerful new way?

Then this is one of the best AI courses Udemy to consider. Most notably, the virtual wizard box is a great standout feature of the program. There are many tools and software for creating deep learning models and that can get confusing really fast, which this course tackles by zeroing in on one platform.

Here’s what else to expect:

  • A hands-on approach to GANS, SSD, and object detection, which makes the course easy to learn even for students starting out.
  • Practical examples and demonstrations on image generation and recognition, which help break down how the theory gets put into work in the real world.

However, the source code is a little outdated with regards to the development environment, but they still provide a good foundational prerequisite that you can build on and expand to accommodate more modern examples with ease.

7. Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (2021 Edition)

Does your career path involve music and sound engineering?

This artificial intelligence online course is the way to go and among the best artificial intelligence courses on Udemy in 2021. You’ll be able to master how to build soundtracks for your videos in seconds and create beats without spending countless hours in production studios.

The course also offers the following:

  • Effortless ways to generate album art for compelling music promotion.
  • Tips on finding creative-commons music to use without crossing endless red tapes.
  • Expert sample of AI tools to learn artificial intelligence and create emotional music that resonates with your audience.

That said, if you’re more interested in the technical aspect of music composition, particularly creating music through coding, then this course may not be for you.

It focuses a lot more on AI tools and modifying certain parameters to get the music and beats you need. Still, it makes for great artificial intelligence training if you have little programming need or know-how.  

8. The Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity

For the video game developer struggling to create non-player characters, this course offers the complete scoop to using Unity to create NPCs with excellent movements, reactions, and most importantly, great believability.

 Here’s what I like about the course:

  • A step-by-step methodology that requires no game AI preliminary knowledge.
  • The introductions to this course lay perfect groundwork to get you started on C# AI and creating games on Unity.
  • The GOAP chapter is especially insightful and can add a whole new perspective to how you model NPC behavior for a perfect illusion of reality.

One aspect of this artificial intelligence course I find challenging is the pre-designed scripts. It would be really great if the instructor could make this from scratch so it’s easy to know how to create one for a different project. Nonetheless, you can simply import the scripts and revise them for a different purpose.

9. Artificial Intelligence for Business

Is your workflow hemorrhaging money?

This AI course for business contains important AI-powered solutions facilitated by Q-learning, to help take over iterative chores like warehouse flow management.

Additionally, other lesson highlights include:

  • Content material is packaged in a helpful way that even non-technical business owners can understand.
  • 3 real-life use cases, which provide substantial demonstrations on how to power your business analytics with AI.
  • The visualization of concepts is particularly effective in illustrating ideas that would be otherwise difficult to decipher in a read-and-learn-only format.

As far as the challenges go, the video quality dips a little in a few parts of the course making some of the text a little illegible. The good part though is that the instructor’s voiceovers satisfactorily address any of these uncertainties.

10. Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

Are you familiar with AI basics and are ready to take it up a notch?

If so, this Udemy artificial intelligence course offers an excellent guide on the way forward. The lesson content includes:

  • Learning how to build an AI hybrid system that blows AI single models out of the water in terms of performance.
  • A complementary master toolkit so you can find all the resources you need to build your AI models in one place.
  • Full implementations in Keras and TensorFlow frameworks, which makes it easy to tweak and recycle these models for your other projects.

This may not be the best artificial intelligence course for beginners because it’s built off advanced AI concepts especially in the Full World Mode toolkit. If you’re through with entry-level courses and are aiming to take the next step in your AI-building journey, then you’ll feel right at home in this class.

11. Artificial Intelligence 2021: Build the Most Powerful AI

Do you struggle with complex AI frameworks?

Well, this is one of the best AI courses online to circumvent complex algorithms associated with building AI models.

Lesson highlights include:

  • Using Augmented Random Search (ARS) to quickly and easily build AI models without having to rely on any framework.
  • Building inexpensive AIs that can go toe-to-toe with million-dollar projects like Google DeepMind.
  • Learning how to build ARS algorithms, which can be up to 100 times faster in terms of training than traditional algorithms.

This is definitely among the best AI courses on Udemy overall, but it can sometimes be challenging to follow through the code because of the absence of focus highlights. Nevertheless, given that it’s an advanced-level course, it’s not too hard for an intermediate Python programmer to keep up.

12. Machine Learning Practical Workout | 8 Real-World Projects

Are you keen on finding a machine learning course with high practicality?

As far as artificial intelligence and machine learning courses go, this class offers great practicality for interactive learning. It is particularly impressive for its 8 incredible real-world projects, which is the largest diversity of examples I’ve come across so far.

The lesson encompasses:

  • How to best understand and make use of neural networks, which is especially useful for successful data science projects.
  • Learning how to build prediction models using Prophet Time Series, which can help you better improve your demand forecasting skills for dynamic pricing.
  • Mastering natural language processing modeling for better review analysis and to implement an automatic email spam filter.

If you don’t have a great grasp of math, the course code may be hard to follow because they feature lots of detailed mathematical steps. However, the mathematical concepts break down the Udemy artificial intelligence course into easily digestible steps, perfect for the intermediate learner to hit the ground running.

13. Artificial Intelligence I: Meta-Heuristics and Games in Java

Are you unsure how AI can make you a better game developer?

Then you’ll slot right in with this artificial intelligence Udemy class that revolves around using swarm intelligence to create autonomous cooperative agents, among other key concepts.  

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Construct game trees to predict game-winning moves, which will help you develop intellectually rewarding board games.
  • Use the minimax algorithm to build a simple AI for your tic tac toe or chess game.
  • Develop a genetic algorithm that better adapts to the opposition player’s moves and strategies, to maintain the fun complexity of games you build.

If you are completely new to Java, this course may not be the best fit because it builds off some Java basics and consequently assumes and skips a few language conventions. For the initiated though, it catalyzes underlying programming knowledge for excellent optimization approaches.

14. Artificial Intelligence II – Neural Networks in Java

For the java enthusiast aiming to master neural networks, this lesson is as good as it can get and encompasses how to model the human brain to simulate intelligent decisions.

Other course highlights include:

  • Creating a Hopfield associative neural network, which can come in handy if you’d like to know how to create your own fingerprint or facial recognition system.
  • Learning how to solve linear classification problems via the single perceptron model.
  • Incredible applications of neural networks. Particularly, I find especially intriguing the chapter on building a smile-detector application, which you can easily market in the hospitality industry for customer service purposes.

One challenge of the lesson is the course transcripts, which pick up the narrator’s accent making them hard to rely on as a reference.

Nonetheless, the video content has been updated to reflect the current times, and the lesson features excellent audio so the instructor is satisfactorily clear and understandable, as you would expect of one of the best Udemy courses. 

15. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for Business

This is one of the best machine learning and artificial intelligence courses for entrepreneurs, managers, and anyone looking to make more intelligent business decisions to spur growth and productivity.

Here’s what to expect from the course:

  • A brutally honest review of what AI can and cannot do for your business, which I find a breath of fresh air because it cuts through the hype and breaks down actionable business opportunities.
  • The lesson teaches AI from the ground up, making it perfect for beginners.
  • An overview of machine learning techniques for better supply chain. optimization, marketing, and general workflow management.  

For the advanced learner aiming for more technical AI and machine learning courses, this may not offer the deep dive you require. 

On the other hand, if you’re hoping for practical machine learning and artificial intelligence courses to quickly get you up to speed with the fundamentals and the rapid digital disruption, you’ll love the non-technical approach.


Are you undecided on which AI training courses to start?

You should try out Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI if you are an intermediate developer looking to up your game. 

It’s a perfect course to skip through the basics and straight away go into in-depth concepts about building an AI model. 

On the flip side, try out this Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 2021 course if you’re interested in AI-powered digital marketing strategies. 

This course proceeds at a much slower pace and is perfect for the non-technical digital marketer. 

Sadly, the truth of the matter is that there are many artificial intelligence courses on the interwebs that fail to deliver results close to what they promise. 

That’s why you’ll want to consider my tested selections of the best artificial intelligence courses on Udemy in 2021. 

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