25+ Best DataCamp Courses & Certifications to Take in 2022

1. Introduction to R  
2. Introduction to Python   
3. Introduction to SQL   
4. Introduction to Power BI   
5. Data Science for Everyone   
6. Data Analysis in Spreadsheets   
7. Analyzing Data in Tableau   
8. Data Processing in Shell   
9. Data Analysis in Excel   
10. Introduction to Git   
11. Introduction to Scala   
12. Introduction to Statistics in Python   
13. Machine Learning for Everyone   
14. Data Manipulation with pandas   
15. Introduction to the Tidyverse   
16. Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib   
17. Intermediate Python for Finance   
18. Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas   
19. Cleaning Data in Python   
20. Data Engineering for Everyone   
21. Case Study: Exploratory Data Analysis in R
22. Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Power BI 
23. Case Study: Analyzing Customer Churn in Tableau   
24. Data-Driven Decision Making for Business   
25. Cloud Computing for Everyone   

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