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25+ Best Django Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

Are you searching for the best Django courses online? 

Django is one of the best Python frameworks, especially if you’re keen on learning how to become a full-stack developer who can use Django for both full stack and backend development. 

Nonetheless, learning Django can be challenging,  and that’s because most tutorials will fail to educate you in the rationale behind the code you’ll be writing, assuming that you’re already a Python expert.

If you take the best Django courses online, the learning curve is a lot smoother no matter your programming background

The Django tutorials we’ll uncover today go into fine detail, and are designed to deconstruct Django in a linear manner, progressing to advanced concepts only after you’ve mastered the basics. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to build fully functional websites from scratch. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best Django courses & certifications online in 2022 that are key to mastering Django. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Django for Everybody Specialization | Coursera 
2. Building Web Applications in Django | Coursera 
3. Introduction to Django Rest Framework | Coursera 
4. Advanced Django Concepts: Building a Blog | Coursera 
5. Python Django – The Practical Guide | Udemy 
6. A Reference Guide to Core Django Concepts | Udemy 
7. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp | Udemy 
8. Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django | Udemy 
9. Using JavaScript, JQuery, and JSON in Django | edX 
10. Django Application Development with SQL and Databases | edX 
11. Building React and Django Apps | LinkedIn Learning  
12. Test-Driven Development in Django | LinkedIn Learning 
13. Django 3 Deployment and Maintenance | Pluralsight 
14. Django 3 Testing, Security, and Performance | Pluralsight 
15. Building Great Web Backends with Django | Skillshare 
16. Build Python Web Apps with Django | Codecademy 
17. Django with JavaScript and Ajax | Tutorialspoint 
18. Build Advanced Django Web Applications | Tutorialspoint 
19. Django Sessions, Features and Libraries | FutureLearn 
20. Building Web Applications in Django | FutureLearn 
21. Become a Django Developer | 
22. The Django Admin for Web Developers | 
23. Django Takeoff: Developing Modern Applications | 
24. Python Django Certification Training Course | Edureka 
25. Python Django Web Framework | freeCodeCamp 

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly Django course? 

Then you may want to start with the 1. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy by Jose Portilla. As far as introductory tutorials go, it is one of the best Django courses online to learn the fundamentals of Python you need to use Django to create powerful web apps. 

If you’re an intermediate Python programmer, the 2. Django for Everybody Specialization on Coursera by Charles Russell is among the best Django courses and certifications online that you could try. It’ll show you how to build a data model in Django and how to build HTML web apps and style them with CSS.

Being a Python framework, it’s important to be familiar with Python before learning Django. You may therefore want to read up on my review of the best Python courses online, so you can get the programming foundation you need to transition into Django. 

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