Best Freelancing Courses and Certifications Online

15 Best Freelancing Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

1. Become a Freelance Copywriter, your own boss | Udemy 
2. Fiverr Freelancing 2022: Sell Fiverr Gigs Like The Top 1% | Udemy 
3. UpWork Freelancing: Your Guide to Finding Remote Freelance Jobs | Christopher Dodd | Skillshare 
4. LinkedIn Freelancing: Your Guide to Finding Clients through LinkedIn | Christopher Dodd | Skillshare 
5. The Freelance Masterclass: For Creatives | Udemy 
6. How to Become a Freelance Editor: Make Money Copy Editing | Udemy 
7. The Freelancing Guide: How to Organize Your Work and Life | Faye Brown | Skillshare 
8. The Freelancing Guide: Managing your Finances | Faye Brown | Skillshare 
9. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course | Udemy 
10. Freelance Bootcamp – The Comprehensive Guide to Freelancing | Udemy 
11. Finance Foundations for Solopreneurs Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
12. How to Freelance and Get Paid Making Digital Commercials Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
13. Freelance Medical Writing as a Career Choice | Udemy 
14. Successfully Working With Clients on a Logo Design Project | Udemy 
15. Resume (CV) for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs (Updated 2021) | Udemy 

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