Best GNS3 Tutorials and Training to Take on Udemy

25+ Best GNS3 Tutorials and Training to Take Online in 2022

Can you learn GNS3 online?

If you are an experienced network engineer then you probably have already heard about GNS3. It is actually used by a ton of network engineers across the globe to emulate, configure, and troubleshoot both virtual networks and real networks.

By learning GNS3 you’ll be able to run a small topology comprising a few devices on your laptop, to multiple devices hosted on several servers.

In this article we are going to look at the best GNS3 tutorials and certifications that will help you learn GNS3 online.

Through these tutorials you’ll learn how to build a network topology using GNS3, Ansible for network engineers, as well as VMware integration.

After taking these GNS3 training you’ll be ready for the GNS3 Certified Associate Exam.

Let’s get started.

1. How To Build a Network Topology Using GNS3 
2. Ansible for Network Engineers: Quick Start GNS3 & Ansible | Udemy 
3. GNS3 Fundamentals (Official Course) Part 1 | Udemy 
4. Installing and Setting Up GNS3 Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
5. Network Automation Quick Start Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
6. GNS3 Certified Associate Exam Official Course (GNS3A). | Udemy 
7. GNS3 Fundamentals (Official Course) Part 2 | Udemy 
8. Get Hands-On Practice Building your Own Networking Lab | Udemy 
9. 28GB of files- GNS3: Installing network devices & VM on GNS3 | Udemy 
10. GNS3 v1.4.4 With VMware Vsphere v6.0 Integration | Udemy 
11. Barenetes – Kubernetes Baremetal Networking Using GNS3 | Udemy 
12. Introduction to GNS3 for Cisco Devices | Ben Jacobson | Skillshare
13. MikroTik on GNS3 for LABs Emulation | Maher Haddad | Skillshare 
14. GNS3 & Packet Tracer Quick Start Guides (vs VIRL & Physical) 
15. Networking Scenarios with CISCO and GNS3 | Udemy 

Here are the GNS3 tutorials on Udemy for beginners to get you started in 2021.

Below, I have written a brief summary of what each of these GNS3 tutorials is about, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. GNS3, Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN, OpenDaylight and OpenFlow

In this network automation with GNS3 course you will learn how to leverage Docker, SDN, OpenFlow, OpenDaylight (ODL) and Wireshark in your GNS3 networks.

GNS3 allows to you virtualize either simple or complex topologies on your laptop.

This GNS3 tutorial in 2021 will teach you how to virtualize both traditional and OpenFlow based networks.

By taking this course yo’ll learn how to install OpenDaylight (ODL) on an Ubuntu Docker container in your GNS3 network.

Along this GNS3 training you will also learn how to use Wireshark to capture OpenFlow packets sent between an OpenFlow switch and OpenFlow controller.

This course GNS3 tutorial is best for network engineers and network architects.

2. Build Your Own Networking Learning Environment on GNS3

This GNS3 training will provide you with one of the best ways of learning GNS3 online.

In this GNS3 training you will learn how to transform your PC into a real LAB environment using GNS3 software. 

You’ll get a complete walkthrough starting from installing the GNS3 software on your own equipment.

After this you’ll move to building networking topologies that include, for example, Cisco devices: IOSv router, IOSv layer 2 switch, ASAv appliance and much more.

Lastly, you’ll finish this GNS3 training by learning how you can integrate real VM instances into your topology and provide connectivity between the VM and the rest of the topology.

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Take this course if you want to start building a real lab environment in order to practise IT technologies.

3. GNS3 & Packet Tracer Quick Start Guides (vs VIRL & Physical)

What should you be using when you are studying for your CCNA exam?

And what about for CCNP or CCIE? What lab options are available today?

In this GNS3 training course you will discuss the various lab options as well as how to download and configure both Cisco Packet Tracer and GNS3.

Learn Cisco technologies practically using GNS3 or Packet Tracer.

This is the best GNS3 tutorial for CCNA students, CCENT students, Network Engineers and Network Architects.

4. Cisco Labs With Advanced GNS3 Features

Every student who wants to take different certifications need to have practical experiences but having real devices may need a large amount of money.

GNS3 is a platform to virtualize different devices.

In this GNS3 online training you will learn how to emulate some popular types of devices with GNS3 as well as some practical scenarios.

This training is best for you if you want to be master in GNS3 and able to emulate different devices.

5. Ansible for Network Engineers: Quick Start GNS3 & Ansible

This is one of the best GNS3 tutorials on Udemy for learning Network Automation with GNS3 and Ansible.

Do you want to program networks using Ansible, but not sure where to start?

Well, this network automation GNS3 tutorial will show you how you can start programming Cisco networks within 30 minutes.

It is focused on practical learning. You won’t be talking about programming in abstract terms before you can start automating networks.

So by taking this GNS3 network automation tutorial you’ll learn how you can quickly and easily start network programming by using GNS3, Cisco IOS and Ansible.

This course shows you practical examples of using Ansible to programmatically configure Cisco network devices rather then just talking about it.

6. Ostinato Packet Crafting with GNS3: craft and inject packets

In this GNS3 course, you will learn how you can craft packets and inject them into GNS3 networks using GNS3.

Ostinato is a packet crafter, network traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI.

It is a powerful Python API for network test automation that enables you to craft and send packets of several streams with different protocols at different rates.

Ostinato aims to provide a traffic generator and network tester tool for every network engineer and developer, something not possible today with existing commercial network test equipment.

With the right tool, network developers and engineers can do their jobs better and improve the quality of networking products.

7. Networking Scenarios with CISCO and GNS3

This is the best network sumular course for you if youa are a certified engineer, a working professional or an aspiring student who wants to learn and implement networking scenarios.

In this course on GNS3 you’ll augment your understanding and concepts related to networking technologies to help you become a better network engineer.

CISCO is the leading Networking equipment provider with a large product portfolio ranging from small Enterprises to large Data Centers.

By taking this GNS3 training online you’ll learn some of the available options that you can use to build your own large scale networks on your PC or laptop.

You’ll also look into how to practice with the commands to manage and troubleshoot them.

This GNS3 course on Udemy in 2021 is designed for all IT and Networking Students

8. GNS3 Fundamentals (Official Course) Part 1

This is the official GNS3 Fundamentals Course, created with the GNS3 Developers.

If you have not used GNS3 before, then this is the best GNS3 course online for you to learn how to download, install and configure GNS3 on a Windows PC. 

By taking this amazing GNS3 fundamentals training, you will get to understand why you would use GNS3.

Along this course you’ll also look into the differences between emulating and simulating network devices.

At the end of this GNS3 tutorials you will get access to some amazing FREE tools that complement and work well with GNS3.

These tools include Solarwinds Response Time Viewer which helps to quickly analyze Wireshark packet capture files to troubleshoot performance issues.

9. Build Networks in GNS3

Graphic Network Simulator (GNS3) is a network software that emulates Cisco Router, ASA, etc.

This software is an emulator which integrates with Virtual Machines while allowing users to simulate complex networks by putting GNS3 templates to use.

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After taking this GNS3 training you’ll have a good knowledge on a wide range of concepts of GNS3, starting from installation of the software and going up to the practical use of dynamips with real cisco software images. 

In this course, you’ll also learn VM integration for facilitating simulation of L3 IOS and L2 IOS (for switching).

10. GNS3 Certified Associate Exam Official Course (GNS3A).

This is the official GNS3 Certified Associate course where you’ll learn all the topics you need to know to pass the GNS3CA Exam.

The GNS3 Certified Associate (GNS3CA) certification focuses on the core skills that network engineers need today for the new era of rapidly changing, programmable, automated and intelligent networks.

In today’s rapidly changing networking environment it is no longer enough for network engineers to simply configure network devices manually via a Command Line Interface (CLI).

Network engineer skill-sets need to diversify to include network programmability and automation skills such as Ansible and Python.

The development of GNS3 virtual network simulator in 2007 was a game changer for network engineers.

In fact in 2018, GNS3 was the 4th hottest skill trending in online.

Udemy is a global online learning marketplace with 80,000+ online courses, 24+ million learners, and thousands of businesses.

So why not get started learning this amazing skill today by taking one of the best GNS3 tutorials on Udemy?

Have you taken any of these best GNS3 tutorials in 2021 before?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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