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25+ Best Godot Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

Would you like to learn how to build fun games with Godot? 

The 2D and 3D game industries can be very competitive. 

It isn’t always just about knowing how to create the best 3D models and immerse graphics overall, it’s also about leveraging engaging concepts and learning how to keep your users coming back for more. 

Most Godot tutorials fail short in terms of concept and this is where this review swoops in to save the day. To master both graphic and game design concepts, you’ll need to learn from the best Godot courses. 

These tutorials will show you how to create addictive 2D games like the immensely popular Flappy Bird, and even to create and monetize 3D shooter games, among many other types of games you may want to build.  

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best Godot courses & certifications online to make you an expert indie video game developer. 

Let’s get started.

1. Godot Getaway: The Godot Course [Udemy]
2. Discovering Godot [Udemy]
3. Android Game Development with Godot Engine – Create 5 Games! [Udemy]
4. Create a Complete 2D Platformer in the Godot Engine [Udemy]
5. Godot Beginner Course – Learn How To Make Games [Udemy]
6. Learn Godot by Creating an Idle Business Tycoon Game [Udemy]
7. Learn Godot Making a Fun Pirate Trading Game [Udemy]
8. Creating An RPG In Godot [Udemy]
9. Godot: Creating A Platformer [Udemy]
10. Ultimate Godot Game Developer Projects [Udemy]
11. Creating Software In Godot: Basics [Udemy]
12. How to Make a 2D Platformer in Godot Game Engine [Udemy]
13. Create A Hidden Objects Game in Godot [Udemy]
14. Free 2D Game Development Tutorial – Godot 101 – Game Engine Foundations [Udemy]
15. Flappy Bird Clone – Godot Game Development [Udemy]


Do you have experience with the Godot Engine? 

Packed with intermediate techniques for Godot, this Godot Getaway: The Godot Course on Udemy by Canopy Games is perfect for you if that’s the case. You’ll learn advanced procedural generation with Tilemaps, making it one of the best Godot courses & certifications online for building complex, 3D games. 

If you’re just testing the waters with Godot, you may find that the Discovering Godot on Udemy, also by Canopy Games, is a nice option to ease you into Godot engine game development. It’s one of the best Godot courses to learn how to build simple and fun 2D games. 

If you’d like to get into advanced video game development, then take a look at my other review of the best OpenGL tutorials. Learning OpenGL will help you to create high-performance graphics for your video games, and enhance your apps’ user experience. 

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