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25+ Best Object-Oriented Programming Courses Online in 2022

With so many language options at your disposal, it can be challenging to choose a path. 

From Java to C++, and countless others in between, there are endless possibilities when it comes to settling on a single OOP language to learn, especially if you’d like to venture into full-stack web development as a complete beginner.

If you don’t have any coding experience, it’s even harder to know what the best programming language for web development are, and which ones might be suitable for an absolute beginner.

Consequently, I’ve rounded up the best object-oriented programming courses, cutting across all skill sets and industry applications. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re keen on building apps for mobile and the web, or if you’d just like to get a stepping stone into data science, you’ll find the right course to chisel up your object-oriented programming skills. 

In this article, I’ll guide you through the best object-oriented programming courses online in 2022 to give you a universal foundation for mastering any OOP language. 

Let’s get started.

1. C# Intermediate Programming: Classes, Interfaces and OOP [Udemy]
2. Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization [Coursera]
3. Learn Object Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website [Udemy]
4. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts [Coursera]
5. Absolute Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java [Udemy]
6. Object-Oriented Programming in Java [Coursera]
7. Master Object-Oriented Design in Java – Homework + Solutions [Udemy]
8. Object-Oriented Data Structures in C++ [Coursera]
9. PHP OOP: Object-Oriented Programming for beginners + Project [Udemy]
10. Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming [Coursera]
11. Python Beyond the Basics – Object-Oriented Programming [Udemy]
12. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java [Coursera]
13. Python Programming Course Bundle: Build 15 Applications [Udemy]
14. Object-Oriented Programming with Java [Coursera]
15. Object Oriented Programming – Basics to Advance (Java OOP) [Udemy]


Which OOP language do you prefer to learn? 

If you’d like to master C# for building Windows-based applications, then I recommend the  C# Intermediate Programming: Classes, Interfaces, and OOP training on Udemy by Mosh Hamedani. 

It is an in-depth tutorial that’s one of the best object-oriented programming languages for intermediate programmers. 

Java is also another great OOP option, and the Object-Oriented Programming in Java Specialization on Coursera by Owen Astrachan is great in this regard. This beginner-friendly tutorial is key to learning Java for basic as well as advanced web development. 

PHP and Python are also vital OOP languages that you could choose to learn, and this list of the best object-oriented programming courses online also has plenty of options for you in this regard as well. 

If you’d like to also try your hand at functional programming, my review of the best Scala programming courses is sure to help you take your functional programming skills a notch higher. 

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