Best Raywenderlich Courses & Certifications to Take

25+ Best Raywenderlich Courses & Certifications to Take in 2022

1. Your First Flutter App: An App From Scratch
2. Your First iOS & SwiftUI App: An App from Scratch  
3. Your Second Kotlin Android App  
4. Kotlin Flow: Getting Started   
5. Programming in Swift: Fundamentals
6. iOS Design Patterns  
7. Create a Splash Screen with SwiftUI  
8. iOS Debugging Fundamentals
9. Acing the iOS Interview
10. Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift  
11. iOS Views and Animations: Learning by Stealing  
12. Continuous Integration  
13. UIKit Fundamentals  
14. Mobile UX Design Tips & Tricks  
15. Beginning Programming with C#  
16. Command Line Basics  
17. Networking with URLSession  
18. Kotlin Coroutines: Fundamentals  
19. MVVM on Android  
20. Server-Side Kotlin with Ktor   
21. Server-Side Swift with Perfect 
22. Machine Learning in iOS  
23. Mastering Git  
24. Beginning ARKit  
25. Xcode Tips and Tricks  

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