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25+ Best Robotics Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

Can you build a functional robot by yourself?

Building functional robots can be challenging if you don’t first learn machine learning. That’s because you may have to endure the pain of constantly reprogramming your models to fit changing features and input data. 

Moreover, robotics design can sometimes be problematic because it’s easy to overfit your model on training data, so much so that it develops bias and deviates from its intended operation. So you’ll also need to brush your algorithm design skills in order to be on top of this task.

To build accurate and powerful robots, it’s important that you take the best robotics courses online. 

These tutorials will give you the electronics and AI knowledge you need to build stable aerial robots as well as simpler robotics systems such as self-driving models that completely rely on artificial intelligence technologies. You’ll also learn how to avoid common design pitfalls, and build accurate models the first time. All this by yourself.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best robotics courses & certifications online in 2022 that’ll enable you to build powerful, modern robots. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Electricity & electronics – Robotics, learn by building [Udemy]
2. Robotics Specialization  [Coursera]
3. Learning ROS for Beginners: Basics, Motion, and OpenCV [Udemy]
4. Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control Specialization  [Coursera]
5. Hands-On Robotics with Arduino, Build 13 robot projects [Udemy]
6. Building Arduino robots and devices [Coursera]
7. Coding for kids: Scratch, Python, Html, CSS, Math, Robotics [Udemy]
8. Modern Robotics, Course 1: Foundations of Robot Motion [Coursera]
9. Digital Electronics: Robotics, learn by building module II [Udemy]
10. Robot Localization with Python and Particle Filters [Coursera]
11. Autonomous Robots: Kalman Filter [Udemy]
12. Aerial Robotics [Coursera]
13. Robotic Drives & Physics: Robotics, learn by building III [Udemy]
14. Making the Case for Robotic Process Automation [Coursera]
15. Build your 1st Arduino Robot: Arduino for Kids & Parents [Udemy]


There are many options for you if you are specifically interested in aerial robotics. 

One such great example is the Robotics Specialization on Coursera by the University of Pennsylvania. It is one of the best robotics courses & certifications online to learn how to build flying robots with robust collision avoidance systems.

If your interest in robotics is a little more grounded, you’re sure to appreciate the Electricity & electronics – Robotics, learn by building on Udemy by Ian Juby. From bionics to sound buzzers, it’s among the best robotics courses online to learn how to build analog electronics circuits for simple robotics applications. 

For more on how to build powerful, autonomous robots, my other review of the best AI courses is an excellent option to grow your robotics knowledge, and crack how to build artificial intelligence models with ease.

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