10 Best Terraform Courses, Tutorials and Training on Udemy

Finding the best Terraform tutorials online can be a daunting task…

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure as code software tool that allows you to define and provision a datacenter infrastructure.

In this article we are going to look at the best Terraform course on Udemy to take in 2020.

Through these best Terraform courses you will learn how to use Terraform to automate your infrastructure.

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1. Terraform – Beginner to Advanced 20193,157
2. Infrastructure Automation With Terraform a DevOps Tool2,074
3. Terraform indepth(2019) – With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies1,604
4. Terraform with AWS (Aug 2019)1,456
5. Learning Terraform on Microsoft Azure1,299

Here are the best Terraform tutorials on Udemy to get you started.

Below, I have written a brief summary of what each of these Terraform online courses is about, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. Terraform – Beginner to Advanced 2020

Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools available in the market.

One of the reasons behind it’s popularity is because of it’s wide spread support of multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and many more.

This is the best Terraform course for you if are planning to implement Terraform in your organization and want to get an in-depth view about various terraform modules and best practices.

Join this course and start the journey of learning Terraform taught by Zeal, regarded as one of the TOP instructors in the world.

This Terraform course is best for you if you are interested in mastering Terraform or if you want to learn Infrastructure as Code approach.

2. Infrastructure Automation With Terraform a DevOps Tool

Terraform starts from the principle of infrastructure as code, but focusses on the automation of the infrastructure itself.

In this Terraform course online you’ll learn how to use terraform to automate your infrastructure.

You’ll first learn the basics of terraform and will then explain how to automate infrastructure on AWS using terraform.

You can open an AWS account for free to do the labs.

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In this course, you’ll find a lot of code examples which you can immediately use to automate your own infrastructure.

3. Terraform indepth(2020) – With 10 Realworld Job Casestudies

In this online Terraform tutorial you’ll cover all basic and advanced topics with realtime examples. 

This Terraform training is created by AWS engineers who supported thousands of EC2 instances in production environment

It focuses primarily on AWS(90% of the course is AWS based). Some sections of this course focuses on Google cloud (GCP) and Azure

By taking this Terraform training online you’ll learn how to launch a complete web application stack using Terraform.

Take this course if you want to learn Terraform to deploy/manage cloud resources automatically using Terraform.

4. Terraform with AWS (Aug 2019)

Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools available in the market.

It supports multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP , Alibaba to mention a few.

This makes it very important for DevOps, Software, Test Engineers to master Terraform and AWS when working on projects with cloud solutions.

In this popular Terraform course on Udemy, you’ll master the key AWS services like VPC , EC2 , Subnets , Internet Gateway , Route Tables , Cloudwatch.

This is one of the best Terraform courses that will teach you how to manage all popular resources in AWS.

The huge Terraform development community also makes it easier and faster to bring new features.

You will also learn how to use the serverless services like Lambda , API Gateway , DynamoDB , S3 bucket etc.

5. Learning Terraform on Microsoft Azure

This is one of the best Terraform courses that take you through all aspects of Terraform v11, from initial setup to a sample real world deployment in Azure.

The course begins with setting up the training environment, installing Terraform and configuring Azure.

Along this Terraform training online you’ll look at various aspects of Terraform and how you can use these to build your deployment.

Alongside this you will use various resources in Azure by learning what they are, how they work and then you will deploy them using Terraform.

Just to set expectations right, this course isn’t an Azure course. So while you won’t go into any great depth on each Azure resource you’ll get an overview of the most salient features.

This Terraform online course has been developed to be as practical as possible, most of the lessons are follow along in nature.

6. Master Class: Terraform for AWS (Beginner to Pro)

In current Cloud Industry, Terraform is considered as one of the leaders for Infrastructure as a code platform.

With its flexibility and compatibility with many different cloud providers like AWS and Azure, Terraform makes it very easy to manage the workloads that are provisioned in different cloud providers at one place.

Having the skills to write and maintain the infrastructure using Terraform gives an edge to a cloud practitioner’s profile.

In this online Terraform course you’ll cover a lot of ground on Terraform which will help you get a good understanding and practical implementation.

Every cloud practitioner should take this course because Infrastructure as code is the way to go in cloud.

7. VPC Solutions with EC2 for Production: AWS with Terraform

Do you want to implement your complete infrastructure as code?

Do you want to learn the coolest and most popular infrastructure configuration management tool on the market?

Then this is the best Terraform course for you to take in 2020.

By taking this course you’ll learn how to implement an AWS deployment model which will be scalable, fault tolerant and resilient.

In this course, you will start by exploring the tools we need throughout the course. Just to note here too, you will need an IDE with a proper Terraform plugin available.

An AWS account is also necessary so the instructor will show you how to get one if you do not already have it.

8. Terraform Beginner to Advanced – Using Google Cloud Platform

This Terraform training aims to teach you the fundamentals of Terraform and apply them to GCP.

It also aims to show the more complex features of functions of GCP and Terraform to really get you ready for the working world.

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This in-depth tutorial on Terraform aims to get you up and running, straight to the point and teach how to get this infrastructure working in GCP.

This course is best suited for DevOps proffesionals, DevOps engineers and DevOps coders.

9. Automating Enterprise Infrastructure – Terraform and Packer

This Terraform training is on building enterprise grade infrastructure using Terraform and Packer.

You can also use this course as a Terraform Automation Reference material.

If you know the basics of Terraform then feel free to directly jump to the relevant section of this Terraform course online.

Terraform supports 100+ providers so it’s easy to support multiple cloud providers using same  IaC ( Infrastructure as Code ) tool.

This Terrafrom course is best for cloud developers, automation engineers, infrastructure developers, database engineers and cloud admins.

10. Ultimate Terraform Bootcamp by School of Devops®

Terraform is the go to tool if you are looking to automate cloud based infrastructure.

With its library of resources for multiple platforms, and common language syntax, terraform is a swiss army knife to work with multiple providers. 

This course is your guide to getting started with terraform with a step by step approach.

Take this course if you are an operations personnel who is interested in learning how to automate cloud provisioning.

The goal of DevOps is to make software delivery more efficient, and this is where tools like Terraform come in.

Terraform is revolutionizing the DevOps world by making it faster and more efficient to execute DevOps.

It starts from the same law, infrastructure as code, but focuses on the automation of the infrastructure itself.

Take one of these best Terraform courses in 2020 if you want to manage your infrastructure in openstack using Terraform.

Have you taken any of these best Udemy Terraform courses before?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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