Best CompTIA Security+ Training & Certifications [Udemy]

15 Best CompTIA Security+ Training & Certifications [Udemy]

What are the best CompTIA Security+ training on Udemy to help you prepare for your CompTIA exams?

CompTIA Security+ is a security certification that establishes the core knowledge required for any cybersecurity role. It provides you a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

In this article we are going to look at the best Udemy CompTIA Security+ training to take in 2021.

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These best CompTIA Security+ courses will teach you everything you need to know to pass your CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 Exam.

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1. CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-501): The Total Course87,209 
3. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501): Complete Course & Practice Exam32,992 
2. CompTIA Security+ Cert. (SY0-501): Practice Tests29,874 
4. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501): Practice Exams with Simulations19,852
5. Intro to Cyber Security Certification – Security+ Boot Camp10,299 
6. CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Exam Preparation7,165 
7. CompTIA Security+ Certification – SY0-401 (2014 Objectives)7,083 
8. IT Security Fundamentals: CompTIA Security+ 20156,577 
9. CompTIA Security+ 5014,577 
10. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) : The Complete Course1,447 
11. CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Exams – SYS0-5011,076 
12. Security+ Certification – Cryptography Domain670 
13. Security+ Certification – Identity and Access Domain509 
14. CompTIA Security+ Cert(SY0-501): Security Administration415 
15. CompTIA Security+ SY0-401391 

Here are the best CompTIA Security+ tutorials on Udemy to get you started.

Below, I have written a brief summary of what each of these best CompTIA Security+ training is about, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. CompTIA Security+ Certification (SY0-501): The Total Course

Welcome to the CompTIA Security+ Certification; SY0-501. The Total Course from Mike Meyers and Total Seminars.

This is the best CompTIA Security+ training you need pass your CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 Exam.

The first goal of this CompTIA Security+ training is to make you a good IT security tech ready to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam.

After taking this Security+ training you will learn, among other things, cryptography, wireless, cloud, and mobile security.

In this Security+ training you’ll also cover everything a good tech needs to know to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam.

Take this CompTIA Security+ certification training if you are looking to improve you security skills and become CompTIA Security+ Certified.

2. CompTIA Security+ Cert. (SY0-501): Practice Tests

Are you ready to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam?

Find out by testing yourself with this top CompTIA Security+ certification training online.

This is the best CompaTIA Security+ training that provides you an entire exam’s worth of questions, enabling you to confirm your mastery of the topics.

The tests in this course are timed, so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows.

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At the end of the test you’ll receive a personal breakdown of the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly to improve your knowledge and make you more prepared to pass the actual CompTIA exam.

This is the best CompTIA Security+ tutorials if you are preparing to take the CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-501 exam.

3. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501): Complete Course & Practice Exam

This best selling Security+ course is a fun way to master the fundamentals of computer security.

In this CompTIA Security+ training you’ll prepare for the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam by covering the six domains for the Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam.

Along this Security+ training online you’ll cover threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, identity and access management, risk management and cryptography.

At the end of this course you will also have gained experience in the configuration, management, and troubleshooting of common wired and wireless networks.

This Security+ training online is best for you if you are a student wanting to pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

4. CompTIA Security+ Certification – SY0-401 (2014 Objectives)

This CompTIA Security+ training course from Infinite Skills will teach you everything you need to know to successfully complete the CompTIA Security+ certification.

By taking this CompTIA Security+ online course you’ll get to understand the risks, such as risk assessment, calculation, and management, and then move on to learning about network devices.

This popular Security+ course will also teach you about network design elements and wireless networks.

At the end of this training you will learn the basics of monitoring networks, cryptography basics, security administration, and disaster recovery.

Once you have completed this best CompTIA Security+ training, you will have developed the knowledge necessary to successfully earn your CompTIA Security+ certification.

5. IT Security Fundamentals: CompTIA Security+ 2015

With the skills you gain after taking this amazing Security+ training, you’ll be equipped to pursue the Security+ certification from CompTIA.

This course provides foundational knowledge of the principles, techniques, and tools needed to successfully prepare for the SY0-401 exam.

With the skills you gain through this CompTIA Security course, you’ll be equipped to pursue the Security+ certification from CompTIA and the CEH from EC-Council.

The topics that will be covered include, among others, Introduction to Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, System Hacking, Spyware & Keyloggers.

Each of these video tutorials are paired with a variety of demos and quizzes giving a real world look at some of the concepts that will be discussed.

These Udemy CompTIA security training videos are intended for professionals who would like to prepare themselves for the CompTIA Security+ (​SY0-401) certification exam.

6. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501): Practice Exams with Simulations

In this Security+ course, you’ll get to fully prepare for what it is like to take the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam.

These 6 full-length practice exams with 70 questions (including simulations or PBQs as CompTIA calls them) is timed for 90 minutes just like the real exam is.

Each question is carefully hand-crafted to put you to the test and prepare you to pass the certification exam with confidence.

This is one of the best CompTIa security courses that will help you to prepare and PASS on the first attempt and avoid costly re-schedule fees, saving you time and money.

You will receive your total final score, along with feedback on each and every question, telling you exactly why each answer is correct, and which domain you need to study more.

This course is best for you if you are preparing for the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) certification exam

7. CompTIA Security+: SY0-501 Exam Prep

The CompTIA Security+ certification will help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in network security.

This CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the most demanded certification under the Information Technology (IT) umbrella.

CompTIA recommends individuals who want to apply for the exam to have at least two years experience in security concepts and CompTIA Network+ certification.

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This CompTIA Security+ course online is a quiz simulation practices that helps you prepare for the exam using multiple choice questions.

8. CompTIA Security+ (SY0-401) : The Complete Course

This CompTIA Security+ certification training online will show you how to harden, protect and enhance your network.

By taking this course you’ll also be able to prepare to take and pass the Security+ certification.

For those already in the field, this Security+ course will enhance your knowledge of security within your network.

After taking this online Security+ trianing you will become familiar with the terminology for this certification as well as be able to implement security features.

Once you pass the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, you will also receive a letter from the US Department of Defence (DoD) certifying that you meet and fulfill Directive 8570.01-M requirements.

Security+ is a foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills certification that is also government approved and is globally recognized.

This top CompTIA Security+ course is best suited for anyone that wants to acquire the CompTIA Security+ certification.

9. Security+ Certification – Identity and Access Domain

This course is for beginners and IT pros looking to get certified and land an entry level Cyber Security position paying upwards of six figures.

The Security+ exam covers six domains and this course focuses on the fifth domain which is the ‘Identity and Access Management‘ domain.   

There are several core Access Control Models that serve as standards for privilege management which are covered in the Security+ exam materials.  

Along this CompTIA Security+ course online you’ll also learn the Kerberos Authentication protocol, why it’s used and how it’s implemented to secure client server computing environments.   

Understand Single-Sign-On and Multi-factor authentication and see how these technologies advance the mission of security and also enhance the end user experience.  

This Security+ training will help you pass the ‘Identity and Access Controls’ section of the Security+ exam. 

A certification validates your skills and is proof that you have mastered the knowledge covered in that particular training.

When it comes to security CompTIA Security+ certification is the industry standard for establishing your career.

It is also the preferred qualifying credential for early career cybersecurity professionals.

In fact a new research shows that IT professionals with CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ perform at a higher level than those who are not certified.

So why not get certificed today and future-proof your career in security by starting with one of the best CompTIA Network+ certification training on Udemy?

Have you taken any of these best selling CompTIA Security+ certification courses before?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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