Best Data Mining Courses and Certification Online

15 Best Data Mining Courses & Certification Online in 2022

Even though most data engineering courses will teach you all you need to handle big data, you can also still benefit from learning some specific data mining skills.

In order to learn data mining yourself, you’ll need to take the best data mining courses online that will teach you the right tools.

By becoming a data mining expert, you’ll be able to clean raw data, find patterns in the data, as well as test these data models.

However, you’ll still need at least intermediate skills in machine learning, probability, and statistics as well as database design systems, including SQL and NoSQL.

In this article, we are going to look at the best data mining courses and certifications online to help you become a data mining specialist.

You’ll pick up skills in SQL server analysis, forecasting using R, machine learning using Python, as well as pattern discovery in big data.

Let’s get started.

1. SQL Server Analysis Services – SSAS, Data Mining & Analytics | Udemy 
2. Data Mining Specialization 
3. R Data Pre-Processing & Data Management – Shape your Data! | Udemy 
4. Data Mining Foundations and Practice Specialization 
5. Regression, Data Mining, Text Mining, Forecasting using R | Udemy 
6. Data Mining Methods | Coursera 
7. Data Mining with R: Go from Beginner to Advanced! | Udemy 
8. Predictive Analytics and Data Mining | Coursera 
9. Learn Data Mining and Machine Learning With Python | Udemy 
10. Intro to Analytic Thinking, Data Science, and Data Mining | Coursera 
11. Data Science:Data Mining & Natural Language Processing in R | Udemy 
12. Cluster Analysis in Data Mining | Coursera 
13. Python for Machine Learning and Data Mining | Udemy 
14. Pattern Discovery in Data Mining | Coursera 
15. Machine Learning and Data Mining with Weka – For Beginners | Udemy 

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