Best HR Analytics Courses and Certification Online

15 Best HR Analytics Courses & Certification Online in 2022

What is the best HR analytics course online?

Once your enterprise becomes of the right size you are definitely going to have to deal with people of different skill levels and talent pools.

If you’ve worked in any sizeable business then you can attest to the fact that effective communication and people management can be a real pain in such work environments.

However, in order to become an HR analyst and drive growth in your startup, you have to collect and analyze talent data to improve talent acquisition and business outcomes.

The best HR analytics courses online will teach you how to use tools like Microsoft Excel and dashboards for the workforce and general human resource management.

In this article, we are going to look at the best HR analytics courses and certifications online to learn HR analytics.

These courses will teach you how to develop data-driven insights to inform talent decisions, improve workflow processes, and deliver positive employee experience.

1. HR Analytics using MS Excel for Human Resource Management | Udemy 
2. People Analytics 101: HR Analytics Fundamentals | Udemy 
3. Workforce Analytics for HR | Udemy 
4. Hands-On HR Analytics Online Course for Human Resources | Udemy 
5. HR Analytics Master Course with Excel, Python, and R | Udemy 
6. Advanced Excel for HR Managers | Automation & Analytics | Udemy 
7. HR Analytics: Essentials Human Resource Management, HR, Jan | Udemy 
8. Hands-on HR Analytics Course: Employee Satisfaction using R | Udemy 
9. Workforce Analytics for Managers & Executives | Udemy 
10. HR Analytics Using Excel For Beginners | Udemy 
11. HR Analytics & Dashboarding – Beginner to Intermediate | Udemy 
12. Workforce Analytics: Link Workforce to Business Strategies | Udemy 
13. HR Analytics & Dashboarding – Advanced Course | Udemy 
14. HR Data Analysis using Excel | Udemy 
15. Workforce Analytics: Quantifying Productivity | Udemy 

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