Best Network Security Courses on Udemy

15 Best Network Security Courses on Udemy in 2021

How do you find the best network security courses on Udemy?

Network security consists of any activity designed to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. Effective network security targets a variety of threats and stops them from entering or spreading on your network.

In this article we are going to look at the best network security courses online for learning network security in 2021.

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These best network security certification courses on Udemy will teach you how to architect your network for maximum security and prevent local and remote attacks.

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1. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Network Security!102,619  
2. Computer Networks Security from Scratch to Advanced58,169 
3. Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired)44,527 
4. Network Hacking Continued – Intermediate to Advanced27,676 
5. The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course: Network Security19,092 
6. Network Security Attacks13,436 
7. Complete Cyber Security Course: The Network Security A-Z™7,144 
8. ARP spoofing &Man In The Middle Attacks Execution &Detection5,145 
9. Network Security Analysis Using Wireshark, Snort, and SO4,676 
10. Snort Intrusion Detection, Rule Writing, and PCAP Analysis4,146 
11. Ethical Hacking: Network Fundamentals & Network Layer Attacks4,066 
12. Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)1,392 
13. Learning Network Technology and Security988 
14. Network Hacking and Security815 
15. Internet Security: A Hands-on Approach601 

Here are the best network security courses on Udemy to take in 2021.

Below, I have written a brief summary of what each of these top security courses is about, what you’ll learn at the end of each course and who the course is best suited for.

1. The Complete Cyber Security Course : Network Security!

This is the best network security course that will teach you how to discover security vulnerabilities across an entire network, by using network hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning.

By taking this network security training online you’ll be able to architect your network for maximum security and prevent local and remote attacks.

You will understand the various types of firewalls that are available and what threats each help mitigate.

Through this network security certification training, you will explore wireless security in details including the configurations that are required for maximum security and why.

By the end of this network security course you will have mastered network monitoring to discover and identify potential hackers, malware and other adversaries.

Finally you will fully understand how to best use methods of authentication including passwords and multi-factor authentication – soft tokens and hard tokens. 

2. Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired)

Welcome to one of the best network security courses online in 2021.

In this comprehensive network security training you will move from a complete beginner to an intermediate level, being able to hack into networks and connected devices like black-hat hackers.

This is one of the best network security courses that is focused on the practical side of network security testing without neglecting the theory.

In this course, you’ll start with the the basics of linux, computer systems and networks and then you will learn how to exploit this method of communication to carry out a number of powerful attacks.

The you’ll learn through this network security training also work against all operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux IOS, Android …ect.). 

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For each technique you will understand the theory behind it and how it works, then you’ll learn how to use that technique in a real life scenario.

By the end of this network and security course you’ll be able to modify these techniques to come up with more powerful attacks and adopt them to different scenarios and different operating systems.

3. Network Security Analysis Using Wireshark, Snort, and SO

The labs in this network security analysis course are 100% hands-on and highly technical so you need to be prepared to install and configure the necessary software to follow along.

This will help you receive the maximum benefit of taking this top course on network security.

Along this course you’ll learn how to build tools like Wireshark, Tcpdump, Snort, Burpsuite and Nmap.

This is one of the best network security courses that will teach you network security analysis with Wireshark and Tcpdump, and ethical hacking and penetration testing with various tools on Kali Linux.

The industry standard tools and methodology utilized in this network security course will expose you to hands-on skills that are necessary as a network security analyst, and cybersecurity professional in general.

4. Learning Network Technology and Security

This is an essential course for all system & network administrators.

In this course you’ll learn network security by looking into how to secure and protect information as it flows across an enterprise network.

This is the best network security training for you if you are working in or looking to move up in the field of Information Technology.

In this network security training course you will start by reviewing the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model, then jump into learning the TCP/IP suite of protocols.

You will also look at the devices that make up the network infrastructure, including firewalls, routers, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), client systems, and virtual machines.

Once you have completed this network security training course, you will be fully capable of securing and protecting an enterprise network.

5. Network Hacking and Security

In this best network security certification training course you’ll learn how wired and wireless network attacks are performed in a simulated/test environment in an ethical way.

In this course you’ll learn how to mitigate network attacks using the recommended solutions at the end of each module of this course.

The course instructors have designed this network security certification training to enable you to learn core concepts on network hacking in order to safeguard a network infrastructure.

By the end of this course you will be fully equipped to test and safegaurd a network infrastructure against various real time attack vectors.

This course has been designed to accelerate your learning process through the use of creative animations and easy to understand voice over narratives.

Take this network security course if you are a network architect, network administrator or network security professional passionate about developing your skills in internet security.

6. Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP)

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) course is designed on the CWSP certification exam curriculum recommended by CWNP.

This is the best wireless network security training that teaches the latest enterprise wireless LAN security and auditing techniques.

Along this wireless network security certification course you’ll also learn the most up-to-date WLAN intrusion and DoS tools and techniques.

At the end of this network security certification training you will understand the the inner-workings of each authentication method used with wireless LANs.

The Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) course will help you acquire the necessary skills for implementing and managing wireless security in the enterprise.

The course is intended for the professionals working with the wireless network and looking to enhance their knowledge by learning the cutting-edge wireless security tools.

7. Fundamentals of Network Security

By the end of this networking security course you will be fully aware of the wired and wireless computer networks basics, devices, network based vulnerabilities.

After taking this networking security course online you’ll reach the professional level in networks security in terms of concepts, technologies, and tools.

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This network security trainign requires no background or pre-requisite, yet you will be able to understand all the up-to-date terminologies in the networks security during the lectures.

Take this best network security training if you are a network analyst, network engineer or a network architect.

8. Securing Windows Networks

In this network security tutorial for beginners yo’u’ll learn about the tools and functionalities available to secure Microsoft networks.

This top network security training is designed for users that have a basic understanding of Microsoft networking. 

Along this course you’ll learn about operating system security, including users and groups, permissions and rights, and managing user accounts.

From there, you’ll move onto Windows access control, protecting local data, and securing data in transit.

This network security tutorial also covers file sharing, securing the registry, system hardening, and Windows firewall.

Finally, you will learn about security monitoring, backup and recovery, and Windows 10 security enhancements. 

9. IT Security Gumbo-Unveiling Network and Cloud Security

This is one of the best IT security courses that will teach you the fundamentals of computer networking which takes a focus on routing and switching.

In this IT security training you’ll also learn about cloud security characteristics, cloud service, the notorious nine, cloud risk and more.

Among the technologies that you will learn are encryption types and availability, key management and encryption architectures and intrusion detection and incident response.

You’ll also get to learn risk management, auditing the cloud and penetration testing the cloud.

Take this course if your are an IT security/networking and cloud security professionals

Becoming a computer network security professional can help you become a positive influence in many different industries and environments.

By learning computer network security you’ll have the ability to help protect colleagues’ and customers’ private information.

With skills in network security you can also help manage networks so people can live their lives and do their jobs better.

Now that the global importance of the Internet is on the rise, why not learn this important skill today by taking one of the best network security courses online today?

Have you taken any of these network security courses and tutorials before?

Please share your expereince in the comments below.

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