Best LinkedIn Courses for Project Management To Consider

11 Best LinkedIn Courses for Project Management To Consider [2021]

Want to know a secret?

A certificate in project management from one of these best courses on LinkedIn is a great way to sharpen your skills and bring valuable credentials to your employer, while also increasing your own earning power in the process.

The project management industry is growing rapidly, and this comes with many opportunities for advancement

The skills you learn from these best LinkedIn courses for project management certification will help you in nearly any business or management position.

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Whether you are already in management or looking to move up. Getting a project management certification is a smart move to use while continuing your education to leverage your skills. 

There are certificates for project managers at every level of professional development.

These include general entry-level project management certificates, as well as those for specific techniques or vendor types. 

There are also certificates for individuals who are more advanced in their project management careers and looking to manage multiple projects at a time.

So in this article, I handpicked the best LinkedIn courses for project management available to you today.

Look, before we get things underway, if you are looking for the best courses for learning Excel, then you should check out my previous article where I reviewed the best Excel courses on LinkedIn.


Let’s get down to business.

Here are some quick links to these courses on LinkedIn Learning… 

1. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®386, 942
2. Project Management Foundations213, 574
3. Six Sigma Foundations170, 954
4. Operational Excellence Foundations106, 137
5. Business Analysis Foundations102, 187
6. Project Management Foundations: Schedules78, 028
7. Agile Requirements Foundations73, 593
8. Business Analyst and Project Manager Collaboration Online Class72, 910
9. Microsoft Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop Essential Training Online Class49, 517
10. Project Management Foundations: Communication43, 517
11. Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment Online Class36, 100

Here is a detailed summary of what you’ll learn in each of these project management courses on LinkedIn Learning.

We’ll look at what each course is about, what you’ll be able to do after the course as well as the requirements and skill level you need to have before starting any of these courses

1. Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®

In today’s competitive workplace, effective project managers are critical to the bottom line

That’s why the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is so important.

The PMP demonstrates your mastery, your experience, and your education

You will discover what it takes to pass the PMP exam by following along with project manager and exam prep trainer Sandy Mitchell.

This best project management course on LinkedIn teaches you critical project management concepts from the exam and offers study guides and sample practice exams to hone your test-taking skills. 

This course also fulfills the 35-hour education requirement needed to sit for the exam and provides 35 PDUs for current PMPs who need the credit to maintain their certification.

But that’s not all, Sandy covers the major ideas from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and walks you through the project lifecycle. 

She also goes over material that is not covered in the guide-pointing out what is most likely to be featured on the exam and what you should try to commit to memory.

Note: Materials in this class are based on the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute Inc., 2017.

This is a free course.

Level: Beginner.

Duration: 6 hours 15 minutes.

Students: 386, 942.

Released: 4/15/2018.

2. Six Sigma Foundations

In this LinkedIn Learning course, you’ll learn how to apply Six Sigma to drive improvements in the performance of your processes, products, and services. 

Dr. Richard Chua explains the fundamentals of Six Sigma, a customer-focused, data-driven approach to improvement. 

But he won’t just stop there, he’ll go over the basic concepts, including: 

  • Critical-to-quality (CTQ) requirements 
  • Variation
  • Defects per million opportunities (DPMO)
  • The roles and belts of Six Sigma professionals
  • The criteria for identifying Six Sigma projects successfully. 

The rest of the course walks you through the five phases of Six Sigma :

DMAIC, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

Additionally, this best LinkedIn course for project management takes you through the steps, data, and key deliverables involved in each phase.

This is a paid course.

Level: Beginner.

Duration: 1 hour 51 minutes.

Students: 1 70, 954.

Updated: 1/29/2020.

3. Project Management Foundations

Project management is a set of techniques that anyone can apply to achieve goals and make projects more successful

Bonnie Biafore has always been fascinated by how things work and how to make things work better. In this best project management course on LinkedIn Learning, she explains the fundamentals of project management… 

Project management can be used to guide small, simple projects as well as complex enterprise-wide initiatives. 

From establishing:

  • Project goals and objectives
  • Building a project plan for managing resources and work
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Closing the project

Along the way, she also provides tips for communicating, holding meetings, keeping a project on track, and gaining customer acceptance

This course provides exercises for most videos based on a healthcare/IT case study project.

This is a free course.

Level: Beginner.

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes.

Students: 213, 574.

Released: 6/28/2019.

4. Operational Excellence Foundations

In this course on LinkedIn, you’ll understand and apply operational excellence to improve your organization’s processes, products, and services for sustained competitive advantage. 

Dr. Richard Chua, consultant, professor, and certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt trainer, explains the fundamentals of operational excellence. From key concepts and tools to methodologies and implementation best practices. 

He explains lean principles and shows you how to: 

  • Eliminate variation
  • Operationalize the voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Error-proof
  • Build-in quality at the source

He also covers methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC), Kaizen, Design for Six Sigma (DMADV), and value stream management (VSM). The instructor furthermore shows you how to choose the right one for your application

He concludes this course by sharing implementation best practices to drive the right mindset, behaviors, and results for sustaining operational excellence.

This is a paid course.

Level: General.

Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes.

Students: 106, 137.

Released: 4/4/ 2018.

5. Business Analysis Foundations

One of the main reasons given for unsuccessful project results is the lack of a clear understanding of stakeholder requirements

Business analysis helps to prevent project failure by identifying and validating those requirements early on. 

Of course, the business analysis doesn’t stop without requirements; business analysts also recommend solutions and facilitate their execution

This best selling course on LinkedIn provides you with an introduction to the foundations of business analysis

It will help you explain the role of the business analyst (BA), and also outlines the knowledge and skills required to build a successful BA career. 

Instructor Greta Blash additionally provides you with an in-depth review of the business analysis process… 

From conducting a needs assessment and identifying stakeholders to testing, validating, and releasing. Each lesson demonstrates why business analysis works… and how you can use it to improve your organization.

This is a paid course.

Level: Beginner.

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes.

Students: 102, 187.

Updated: 5/29/2019.

6. Business Analyst and Project Manager Collaboration Online Class

In a business environment where complexity and change are the norms, business analysts, and project managers can collaborate together to get more successful results and better business outcomes. 

If you’re a PM or BA, this LinkedIn Learning course for project management will help you understand what great collaboration looks like

You’ll explore exactly what each role entails, and what the ideal partnership can achieve

In addition, you’ll discover how BAs and PMs can collaborate at each stage of a project, from scope management and project planning to implementation. 

Then you will also find out where the roles and responsibilities overlap, and finally learn how to coordinate on these tasks to: 

  • Enhance communication 
  • Reduce risk
  • Engage stakeholders
  • More effectively respond to change requests

This is a paid course.

Level: Intermediate.

Duration: 59 minutes 27 seconds.

Students: 72, 910.

Released: 2/2/2018.

7. Agile Requirements Foundations

Customers need change every day and we need our products to keep up with these changes. 

So take an agile approach to requirements analysis: Learn the mindset and techniques necessary to discover requirements for an agile project and succeed in the business analyst (BA) role. 

Angela Wick reviews the 12 agile principles from a BA’s perspective and introduces backlog management techniques in this course.

She also discusses techniques such as product decomposition, user stories, and story maps, which help BAs deliver products that truly delight customers. 

Plus, you’ll find out what concepts such as “minimum viable product” and “value stream” mean to people in the BA role.

This is a paid course.

Level: Intermediate.

Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes.

Students: 73, 593.

Released: 8/11/2017.

8. Project Management Foundations: Schedules

In this best selling course on LinkedIn Learning, you’ll discover how to build project schedules that help you accomplish your project goals on time and within budget. While being flexible enough to accommodate the change. 

In this course, trainer and PMP Bonnie Biafore teaches you how to proactively manage project schedules

You’ll learn how to develop a plan for schedule management

  • Identify activities and milestones
  • Estimate costs
  • Allocate and negotiate for resources 
  • Manage the schedule over time. 

Bonnie then goes ahead to introduce techniques to uncover and resolve schedule conflicts, shorten timeframes, and reduce costs. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned the skills you need to meet stakeholder expectations and adapt to changes as they arise over the life of the project.

Note: This course aligns with best practices from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition, published by the Project Management Institute®.

This is a free course.

Level: Beginner + Intermediate.

Duration: 2 hours 7 minutes.

Students: 78, 028.

Updated: 4/30/2018.

9. Microsoft Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop Essential Training Online Class

In this course on LinkedIn, you’ll learn how to master Microsoft Project, the world’s leading project management software. 

This training course covers Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop, the subscription version of the desktop app. 

Bonnie Biafore, PMP, begins by showing you how to set up a project and components such as:

  • Work tasks
  • Summary tasks
  • Milestones
  • Recurring tasks
  • Different types of resources

Next, she shows you how to link and time tasks, assign resources to tasks to build a realistic project schedule and use views to get an accurate window into project status.

Not only will she explain, but also show you how to use Project to help evaluate your schedule and resource workloads… to make sure you’re bringing a project in on time and within budget. 

Finally, you’ll learn how to create and run reports…  and also share project information with others.

This is a free course.

Level: Beginner + Intermediate.

Duration: 5 hours 21 minutes.

Students: 49, 517.

Released: 9/24/2018.

10. Project Management Foundations: Communication

As a project manager, you’ll spend most of your time communicating

To keep a fast-moving project on track, you need to know how to juggle the:

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Voice mail
  • Documentation 

In this best LinkedIn course for project management, instructor Doug Rose shares the secrets of managing project communication. Detailing how to craft a solid communication strategy that helps your team maximize buy-in and prioritize stakeholder input

Finally, you’ll discover how to use a communication plan to develop two-way communication goals, run efficient meetings, and create concise reports.

This is a free course.

Level: General.

Duration: 1 hour 1 minute.

Students: 43, 953.

Released: 2/19/2014.

11. Creating a Positive and Healthy Work Environment Online Class

Toxic workplaces cost organizations money in the form of lost productivity, poor employee health, and in extreme cases, lawsuits

HR consultant Catherine Mattice Zundel explains how companies that invest in a positive workplace can see an amazing return on their investment

If you have a negative workplace, you can turn it around by creating a vision for change. And a positive culture committee to help you deliver a new culture to your workforce.

In this course on LinkedIn Learning, Catherine provides insight into conducting surveys and updating your performance management system.

She also offers tools such as a sample strategic plan and an exercise for creating core values.

This is a paid course.

Level: Advanced.

Duration: 1 hour 4 minutes.

Students: 36, 100.

Released: 11/27/2017.


Project management has everything to do with planning, scheduling, budgeting for, and then executing and reporting on projects of all shapes and sizes. 

In fact, anything and everything that IT does can be understood or handled as a project of some kind. 

It applies to one-of-a-kind activities that happen only once or very seldom. 

Thus, project management is incredibly important and valuable to IT operations across the board.

That’s because project managers are important to IT operations of all kinds. So whether you are interested in becoming an IT project manager or just want to add project management to your list of soft skills, this article is for you.

I hope these project management courses on LinkedIn help you learn the ins and outs of project management and launch a successful career in this lucrative field

Have you ever taken any of these best LinkedIn courses for project management before? 

If yes, please share your experience in the comments.

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