Best Python Courses On LinkedIn Learning To SignUp For

11 Best Python Courses On LinkedIn Learning To SignUp For [2021]

Do you ever feel like you are left out in the tech world?

Do you have friends or colleagues that are proficient in Python language and you feel like they are more inferior than you?

Well, we’ve all been there and I can testify that it’s not a great place to be in.

But that’s where I come in, I was just like you not so long ago but then I stumbled upon some of the best python courses on LinkedIn learning that actually changed my whole life in the shortest span of time.

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In this article, I’ll take you through some of the best Python courses on the LinkedIn learning platform.

So by the end of this article, you’ll have enough knowledge to help you get the best online class that will help you sharpen your skills.

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Now let’s get into it.

Here are some quick links to these courses on LinkedIn Learning…

1. Learning Python Online Class495, 086
2. Python Essential Training290, 799
3. Advanced Python94, 014
4. Python: Design Patterns63, 697
5. Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1 Online Class60, 057
6. Using Python for Automation Online Class43, 752
7. Learning Python with PyCharm Online Class43, 751
8. Python Quick Start Online Class38, 977
9. Python: Advanced Design Patterns38, 763
10. Python for Students Online Class28, 210
11. Python GUI Development with Tkinter24, 882

Here is a detailed summary of what you’ll learn in each of these Python courses on LinkedIn.

We’ll look at what each course is about, what you’ll be able to do after the course as well as the requirements and skill level you need to have before starting any of these courses

1. Learning Python Online Class

Python is one of the most popular and highly readable object-oriented languages. And it is both powerful and relatively easy to learn. 

Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, this best Python course on LinkedIn will help you get started with Python. 

In this LinkedIn course, Joe Marini the instructor provides you with:

  • An overview of the installation process
  • Basic Python syntax
  • An example of how to construct and run a simple Python program

You will also learn how to work with dates and times, read and write files, and retrieve and parse HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.

Course level: Beginner.

Students: 495, 086.

Duration: 2 hours 11 minutes.

Released: 1/30/2018.

2. Python Essential Training

Due to its power and simplicity, Python has become the scripting language of choice for many large organizations, including Google, Yahoo, and IBM

A thorough understanding of Python 3, the latest version, will help you write more efficient and effective scripts. 

So in this best selling course on LinkedIn Learning, Bill Weinman demonstrates how to use Python 3 to create well-designed scripts and maintain existing projects

This Python course on LinkedIn Learning covers the basics of the language syntax and usage, as well as advanced features such as objects, generators, and exceptions

Additionally you will also learn:

  • How types and values are related to objects
  • To use control statements, loops, and functions
  • How to work with generators and decorators

The instructor will also introduce the Python module system and show you examples of Python scripting at work in a real-world application.

Course level: Beginner + Intermediate.

Students: 290,799.

Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes.

Released: 1/18/2018.

3. Advanced Python

Do you want to develop your Python programming skills?

Python is a great choice for building all kinds of applications, but to fully take advantage of its power and flexibility, you need to master all its advanced functionality. 

In this Python course on LinkedIn, you will learn how to leverage next-level Python features such as:

  • Object-oriented special class methods
  • Use logging to track performance and user activity
  • See how to port code from Python 2 to 3 
  • Make your code more efficient and easier to read and maintain 

The instructor, Joe Marini also shows you how to:

Manipulate data, build custom classes and functions, create lists, and write more elegant, optimized code.

Course level: Advanced.

Students: 94, 014.

Duration: 2 hours 27 minutes.

Released: 8/15/2018.

4. Python: Design Patterns

Did you know that design patterns encourage programming efficiency and code reuse?

Well, this best python course on LinkedIn Learning takes you through traditional design patterns as applied to Python. 

Jungwoo Ryoo the instructor covers 15 essential creational, structural, and behavioral patterns to help you solve common coding challenges

While introducing best practices that will keep your solutions consistent, complete, and correct.

In this Python course on LinkedIn, you will go over fundamental design patterns as well as behavioral design patterns.

Some of the learning objectives of this course are:

  • Understanding design patterns
  • Best design practices: consistency, completeness, and correctness
  • Working with creational patterns
  • Working with structural patterns
  • Working with behavioral patterns

Additionally, the tutor will teach you how to design best practices.

Course Level:  Intermediate.

 Students: 63, 697. 

Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes.

Released: 7/16/2015.

5. Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1 Online Class

Python for Data Science Essential Training is one of the most popular Python courses at LinkedIn Learning. 

It has now been updated and expanded to two parts, for even more hands-on experience with Python. 

In this Python course on LinkedIn Learning, the instructor Lillian Pierson takes you step by step through a practical data science project: a web scraper that downloads and analyzes data from the web

Along the way, she also introduces techniques to:

  • Clean
  • Reformat
  • Transform 
  • Describe raw data 
  • Generate visualizations 
  • Remove outliers 
  • Perform simple data analysis 
  • Generate interactive graphs using the Plotly library

By the end of this training, you should walk away with basic coding experience that you can take to your organization and quickly apply to your own custom data science projects.

Course Level: Intermediate.

Students: 60, 057.

Duration: 6 hours 2 minutes.

Released: 10/24/2019.

6. Learning Python with PyCharm Online Class

In this course, you will learn Python programming with PyCharm, the cross-platform IDE that “takes care of the routine.” 

This best selling course on LinkedIn Learning will help you set up your development environment and set it up correctly with instructor Bruce Van Horn’s step-by-step guidance. 

But that’s not all you will also explore PyCharm’s first-rate text editing tools. 

You will also learn how to improve your code quality with:

  • Lens Mode and Intentions
  • refactor and debug code 

And also perform unit testing with the PyCharm test runner.

Additionally, you will dive into working with SQL databases. 

And finally, learn how to integrate Python with web projects that include HTML and JavaScript, and create a project with the Flask microframework.

Course level: Beginner

Students: 43, 751

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Released: 7/6/2017

7. Python: Advanced Design Patterns

Did you know that design patterns encourage clean programming?

In this course for Python on LinkedIn Learning, you will take a look at some advanced design patterns as applied to Python. 

The instructor Jungwoo Ryoo begins by looking at why or why not to use design patterns in the first place. 

The instructor then steps through some design best practices, going over topics such as quality attributes and domain-specific patterns

But that’s not all, he also introduces some practical design patterns described by the Gang of Four. Including:

  • Command
  • Interpreter
  • Memento

Plus, he helps you grasp how these patterns actually work at the code level by walking through sample scripts.

Course Level: Advanced

Students: 38, 763

Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes

Released: 2/21/2018

8. Using Python for Automation Online Class

In any organization, there are tasks that would benefit from automation, but often the processes are too niche for standard software. 

Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that allows organizations to script custom automation and reap the time-savings

In this course, you will learn how to automate your own repetitive tasks using Python.

This course on LinkedIn Learning provides a “cookbook” for developers and non-developers alike, allowing you to automate almost anything:

  • Filling out PDFs and launching programs
  • Sending emails and voicemails
  • Working with calendars
  • Organizing files and folders

You will also discover how to use Python and open-source libraries…

And tools such as BeautifulSoup and Selenium to craft elegant solutions that do the grunt work for you.

Course Level: Advanced

Students: 43, 752

Duration: 56 minutes 11 seconds

Released: 11/1/2019

9. Python Quick Start Online Class

In this LinkedIn Learning course for Python, you’ll get a fast-paced introduction to Python

You will learn what Python is and why it’s become such a powerful and in-demand programming language in this course. 

Python expert and trainer Lavanya Vijayan shares with you the fundamentals of programming in Python with:

  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Functions  
  • Sequences 
  • Conditional statements 
  • Iteration 
  • Recursion

The course concludes with a short introduction to object-oriented programming in Python. 

Learning a new programming language shouldn’t be hard; and with this course, you can learn the basics you need to become proficient in Python…

And decide if it’s the right language for your projects.

Course Level: Beginner

Students: 38, 977

Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

Released: 10/8/2019

10. Python GUI Development with Tkinter

With this course, you will put an end to writing command-line interfaces for your programs

You will use Tkinter, the Python package for creating themed interface elements with the Tk GUI toolkit. 

Join Barron Stone in this best Python course on LinkedIn as he walks through the most popular Tk widgets and…  

Shows you how to customize their appearance and behavior to fit your application. 

You will also learn how to manage the placement of those widgets on the GUI and make them react to user behavior with event-driven code. 

The final chapter in this course takes you through the entire start-to-finish process of building the user interface for an application.

So by the end of this course, you can see how all of these techniques work in a real-world development scenario.

Course Level: Intermediate

Students: 24, 882

Duration: 4 hours 55 minutes

Released: 12/21/2018

11. Python for Students Online Class

There is no better time to learn Python than when you are young

Python is a powerful language for automation, game development, and web programming.

And also a great choice if you’re just starting to learn how to write code

The skills you learn in Python can translate C++, Ruby, and JavaScript. 

This best Python course on LinkedIn Learning is designed specifically for high-school and college-age students.

You can learn how to use Python at an introductory level

You will explore:

  • Variables and functions
  • Calculations
  • if-else statements
  • Loops
  • Lists

… and then build a complete Python project

Plus, find out where to go to learn more and how to join the Python community.

Course Level: Beginner

Students: 28, 210

Duration: 1 hour 8 minutes

Released: 11/1/2019


Python is a good choice if you’re looking to learn coding or just want to pick up another programming language.

It is one of the leading programming languages in the world right now and it’s very sought

Did you know that one of the leading social media applications like Instagram is powered by Python language?

One of the terrific things about Python is how closely it resembles the English language, so you’ll often see words like “not,” “in,” and “or” in its scripts. 

And because of its readability, Python is commonly the first programming language schools teach. 

It’s a great launchpad for an aspiring coder.

Now you might be asking: What can you do with Python? 

Well, Python is the official language of Google, it powers Instagram, and it even runs on chips Intel tests. 

It’s a scripting language that can automate all sorts of tasks, big or small. 

And you can do just about anything with Python that you can do with other languages.

In this article, I have also outlined courses for beginners, so you can start learning from scratch.

So if you are a total beginner, pull up your sleeves and put a very big smile on your face because I haven’t forgotten about you.

I hope these Python courses on LinkedIn help you learn the ins and outs of Python and launch a successful career in this lucrative field

Have you ever taken any of these best Python courses on LinkedIn Learning before?

If yes, please share your experience in the comments below.

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