Best Reinforcement Learning Courses Online

15 Best Reinforcement Learning Courses Online in 2022

Do you need to master reinforcement learning as an ML expert?

Reinforcement learning is a major component of the three basic machine learning paradigms, alongside supervised learning and unsupervised learning. So becoming a reinforcement learning expert will make you better at developing machine learning applications.

In fact, by taking reinforcement learning courses online, you’ll learn to be able to provide your learning agent with a reward function.

It will be able to figure out the best actions that trigger the best rewards, by itself, so that your intelligent agent can take actions in any environment while maximizing the notion of cumulative reward.

In this article, we are going to look at the best reinforcement learning courses and certifications online to get you started.

These reinforcement learning courses online will teach you advanced deep learning in Python, how to apply reinforcement learning finance as well as Actor-Critic algorithms.

Let’s get started.

1. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python | Udemy 
2. Reinforcement Learning Specialization 
3. Advanced AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning with Python | Udemy 
4. Fundamentals of Reinforcement Learning | Coursera 
5. Cutting-Edge AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python | Udemy 
6. Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance | Coursera 
7. Deep Reinforcement Learning 2.0 | Udemy 
8. Practical Reinforcement Learning | Coursera 
9. Modern Reinforcement Learning: Actor-Critic Algorithms | Udemy 
10. Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning | Coursera 
11. Practical Reinforcement Learning using Python – 8 AI Agents | Udemy 
12. A Complete Reinforcement Learning System (Capstone) | Coursera 
13. Reinforcement Learning: AI Flight with Unity ML-Agents | Udemy 
14. Reinforcement Learning: Qwik Start | Coursera 
15. Deep Reinforcement Learning: Hands-on AI Tutorial in Python | Udemy 

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