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25+ Best Social Engineering Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

How do you prevent advanced social engineering attacks? 

Hackers today are always on the move, scheming new ways to get around your defense strategies and dupe you into handing over sensitive information. 

As attack methodologies keep on evolving at a rapid pace, it becomes essential that you know the latest cyber security trends to ward off highly-sophisticated modern attacks. 

If you take the best social engineering courses online, you’ll learn how to handle the latest threats.

By the end of these tutorials, you’ll understand how backdoor Android applications work, and you’ll also be able to stop trojan horses that are smuggled across your firewalls through Word documents, among other seemingly harmless files. Overall, you’ll learn the latest tools hackers use so you can easily counter them. 

In this article, I’ll take you through the best social engineering courses & certifications online in 2022 that will enable you to handle all types of social engineering attacks. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Security Awareness Training | Coursera 
2. Cybersecurity in Healthcare (Hospitals & Care Centres) | Coursera 
3. Learn Social Engineering From Scratch | Udemy 
4. The Complete Social Engineering, Phishing, OSINT & Malware | Udemy 
5. Learn Social Engineering & Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) | Udemy 
6. Cyber Security Social Engineering – Hacking Human Firewalls | Udemy 
7. Complete Guide to Social Engineering Attacks | Udemy 
8. Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering | LinkedIn Learning 
9. Cybersecurity Awareness: Social Engineering | LinkedIn Learning 
10. Cybersecurity Awareness: Phishing Simulations | LinkedIn Learning 
11. Social Engineering: Executive Briefing | Pluralsight 
12. Social Engineering with the Social-Engineer Toolkit | PluralSight 
13. Information Gathering with the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) | Pluralsight 
14. Play by Play: A Penetration Tester’s Guide to Social Engineering | PluralSight 
15. Specialized Attacks: Physical and Social Engineering | Pluralsight 
16. Cybersecurity Basics | edX 
17. Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure | edX 
18. Cyber Security Awareness and Solutions | FutureLearn 
19. Why Cyber Security Foundations is Important | FutureLearn 
20. Ethical Hacking: Social Engineering | Tutorialspoint 
21. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Information Security | Skillshare 
22. SEC467: Social Engineering for Security Professionals | 
23. Social Engineering Course | 
24. Practical OSINT for Social Engineering | 
25. Social Engineering Training | 

Are you totally new to social engineering? 

The Introduction to Security Awareness Campaigns on Udemy by Micheal Goedeker offers the perfect place to begin. It’ll start you off with basic security policies, making it one of the best social engineering courses for beginners. 

If you’d like to go in-depth, the Learn Social Engineering From Scratch Course Online on Udemy by Zaid Sabih is an excellent option. When it comes to learning advanced malware delivery techniques, it ranks among the best social engineering courses & certifications online today. 

In particular, you’ll know how hackers generate password cracking malware and how trojan horses are embedded in Microsoft Office documents. 

For more comprehensive security measures, you’ll find my other review of the best cyber security courses online to be very enlightening. Be sure to check it out to uncover more techniques for stopping modern hackers. 

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