Best Visual Studio Courses and Certifications Online

25+ Best Visual Studio Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

Which is the best Visual Studio tutorial online?

Most software developers often have an emotional attachment to their IDE of choice and maybe very subjective when you try to introduce them to a new tool. This is for the reason that once you learn the ins and outs of an IDE like Visual Studio, you become more efficient in it.

So you would not want to waste valuable time learning another completely new tool just to achieve the same result. 

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code is one of the best IDEs for software development, including microservices development, so if you learn Visual Studio, you for sure will not be disappointed.

In this article, I have reviewed the best Visual Studio courses and tutorials online to get you started learning how to double your coding speed with this tool.

Through these courses, you’ll first get an introduction to GitHub, which is a great version control system, then learn how to build a calculator using C# in Visual Studio.

You’ll then finish learning how to use Visual Studio to debug and test your applications.

1. C# Developers: Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio | Udemy 
2. A 16 Hour C# Course With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 | Udemy 
3. Introduction to Github and Visual Studio Code 
4. Building a Calculator using C# in Visual Studio 
5. Visual Studio Mastery with C# – Double Your Productivity | Udemy 
6. Beginners Guide To C# With Visual Studio 2017 | Udemy 
7. Visual Studio 2019 Essential Training Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly 
8. Visual Studio Code for Python Developers Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly  
9. C# And Visual Studio Productivity Masterclass | Udemy 
10. Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio and ReSharper | Udemy 
11. C# Programming: Learn Basic C# Code with Visual Studio | Matthew Dewey | Skillshare 
12. Learn Visual Studio Code – VS Code from Beginner to Advance | Norbert Menyhart | Skillshare 
13. Learn JavaScript Through Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Web | Udemy 
14. Introduction to jQuery with Visual Studio 2017 Community | Udemy 
15. Debugging and Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017 | Udemy 

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